Stuart Carey

Local Handyman, serving Shirley, CR0 and the surrounding area.


07375 539 607

Trustworthy and reliable handyman.

Why choose me? I'm a retired Metropolitan Police Officer who served thirty years in the force. DIY and mechanics has always been part of my life, gaining qualifications in vehicle mechanics whilst in the police. Since leaving I have undertaken training and qualified as a domestic electrical installer.

I will always give you best price and I won't hesitate to tell you if you can save money, even if it means I don't get the job! I will only take on work that I feel my skills are up to and won't leave you with a bodged job!

I am fully insured for public liability with Direct Line Insurance.

Rates :


£30 for the first half hour or £40 for the first hour.

£15 for every half an hour after this.

Once over 2.5 hours I will charge a half day. Once over 6.5 hours I will charge a day rate.

£85 for half a day*

£170 for a full day*


I provide free quotes.


* These rates do not entitle you to 4 or 8 hours work. They are the rate for the job quoted and designed to keep the cost down for you. By asking me to do the work, you are accepting these rates under these terms.


I am not registered for VAT and do not charge it, therefore there is no "cash price".


I will send an invoice for your records.

Access to the work area.


Please ensure that I can get ready access to the area where the work is to be carried out and if there will be any problems with access, that you let me know beforehand. This is espcially important for lofts that are not boarded (floored), where I might need to bring boards to stand on.


Please keep pets under control, for their safety and mine.


It will be very helpful if you know where your main water shutoff valve is and if possible, checked it works before I arrive. If I am carrying out electrical work I will need access to your consumer unit (fusebox). It is possible that I might need to turn some or all of the power off, so be prepared for this, especially if you work from home using a computer.


Waste - customers are responsible for disposing of all waste generated during the course of the work.